Hi, I'm George! I tell you a little about me ... I was born in Veracruz, Mexico, I studied communication and after many years of working in television one day I changed the microphone for the camera and decided to document stories.


Before in front, today behind, but I'm still in the way of what I love. For me, creating a wedding video is not only telling stories of couples ... I must feel the emotions as my own, experience the authentic, the true, steal audios that give voice to the images I capture ... I care to connect with each one of people who want my point of view to remember their wedding day.


What can I tell you about me? I love tattoos, I love running and practicing yoga, I enjoy family afternoons, a good and long talk with some interesting character ... my wife and my children are the reason for everything I do. I have learned that you only advance if you work as a team.


My philosophy: A moment of pain is worth a lifetime of glory. Persistence and doing things with passion are the key to everything, they must become a lifestyle. This is me, I like to tell stories through this look they read, it's not like everyone else, after all, love is always "that spontaneous moment", and that's just the one that is incredible to capture.



2016, Workshop WWR New York II.

2016, Workshop Monterrey, Mx.

2017, Workshop Tomás Utillano, Monterrey, Mx.

2017, Fuck Fears The Workshop, Tulum, Mx.